Water Treatment


Iron removalIn domestic situations Iron has an unpleasant taste, stains laundry and porcelain a brown / orange colour. It builds up in utility machines and pipes, eventually blocking them.


Water Treatment Devon and CornwallManganese leaves a dark, black looking stain. Both are aggravated by bleach, making them worse rather than returning your whites to clean condition.


cryptosporidium Water cleaing ServicesYou can't see it and you really don't want it in your water; yet cryptosporidium is commonly found in untreated water, especially but not exclusively in proximity to livestock farms.

Acid water

copperpipeSpring or well water, whilst often containing less Iron or Manganese, presents it's own problem; a low pH. Typically less than 6.5, the water is a weak acid. While it feels soft and lathers up with soap, it also destroys metal pipework and fittings. If you can see blue / green stains around taps and on porcelain then your copper pipe is being corroded by acidic water. This eventually results in pinhole leaks and expensive replacement of pipes, immersion heaters and other metallic components. Blonde hair may take on a green tinge after washing for some time in acidic water.

Treating Water successfully

water-treatment-systemTo remove cryptosporidium and other bacteria successfully the water needs to have any mineral removal equipment placed before final filtration and disinfection with Ultraviolet light. The water passes through a cylinder containing a fluorescent tube separated by a quartz sleeve. Mineral deposits on the quartz tube will block the UV and may allow organisms to pass. Therefore regular servicing of your treatment is vital to maintain the efficiency of the system

Water analysis

At Lamare Services we take the quality of water that you drink seriously. Whilst other companies carry out 'in house' analysis, or in some cases none at all, we will have your water tested by an independent public laboratory. The results are sent to YOU with their recommendations for treatment; we will not provide you with equipment that you don't need but will suggest some form of purification for drinking water. Our advice is free; why not find out what's really going on with your water? contact us for more information.

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